WOW! This is a Cancer New Moon and we have really been through some intense and powerful aspects over the last several weeks – two Eclipses and several aspects that have brought in some very transformative and at times volatile energies. Depending on your chart, the energies can activate many changes and challenges within your life at this time. After a tense first week of July, we have a chance to go inward and comfort ourselves with the nurturing and loving energies of this Cancer New Moon. This is a powerful message from the Universe about Nurturing, Caring, Home, Family, Protection, Emotions, and Mother Earth. NEW MOONS mark the beginning of a new cycle. New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create! THIS NEW MOON IS IN CANCER (and traditionally the Moon rules the sign of Cancer), making this a very watery, intuitive, and healing Moon. Cancer is about the Great Mother, the nurturer, and the protector of life. Cancer is associated with the feminine, and that all parts of our physical bodies along with the Earth are sacred. Cancer is about our emotional body, our families, tribes, and homes. This Cancer New Moon will stir a lot of feelings, and feelings let us know what needs to be addressed. With the Water element of Cancer, we are given the ability to adapt to, and be fluid, with the ability to discern what is healthy and what is toxic. THIS CANCER NEW MOON IS OPPOSING PLUTO and SQUARING ERIS, forming a Cardinal T-Square! This is a major aspect with Pluto (planet of transformation, deep Soul Work, intensity, and sex), opposing the Cancer New Moon. Oppositions are about two groups of planets whose energies oppose each other. The goal is to bring them into balance. The Universe is emphasizing that the energies of radical change. Evolution is at the forefront right now! The Cancer New Moon also Trines (a harmonious energy) Neptune (high Spirituality, channeled creativity, unconditional love for all, psychic etc.). This brings in an extremely high energy of intuition, meditation, manifestations. ANOTHER MAJOR ASPECT IS THE FIXED T-SQUARE…. which consists of Saturn (rules the government,) in Aquarius (we the people), squaring (stressful and friction) Venus/Mars (Venus-our love, attraction, money, creativity, beauty) and Mars (how we initiate action) in Leo (fun, big heart) and all of them squaring Uranus (sudden changes), indicating that there could be a lot of sudden and unusual changes having to do with relationships of all kinds and some changes that need to be made. WITH THIS CANCER NEW MOON, it is a good time to create new initiatives around your family, and higher ways in which to nurture them. This is also a time to think about all relationships and how you can nurture them. This also holds true with self-nurturing also. It is a time to take extra care of our bodies, our food, our families, and the Earth. It is also a time to be careful and cautious….as things can be a bit chaotic, volatile, and emotional. Be careful how you drive and watch the other drivers also. Watch where you are walking and what you are saying as you may speak in ways that are a bit more aggressive than you normally would speak. Just be safe during this period over the next several months!