About Annie Alexander

Connect With Your Soul Through Evolutionary Astrology

Annie Alexander - Evolutionary Astrologer

Annie has been guiding people on their journey through the use of Evolutionary Astrology for 15 years. She is also a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist and can integrate both modalities for powerful transformation.

Annie has been studying astrology for over three decades.  It was the main tool she turned to as a young adult to better understand the world.

She follows the pioneering and life-enhancing works of Jeffrey Wolf Green, Sri Yuktesewar, Ari Moshe Wolfe, Laura Nalbandian, Patricia Walsh and Rose Marcus.  She is a member of the Organization for Professional Astrologers and The Vancouver/Fraser Valley Astrological Guild in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Annie holds a PhD. in clinical psychology and has practiced trauma-focused psychotherapy for many years.  She volunteered as a Clinical Psychologist for the San Diego Police Department from 1982-85, and after moving to Colorado in 1985, opened Roaring Fork Mental Health and Training Institute in Aspen, CO. 

In 1995, she moved her practice to Boulder, CO and in 1997, fulfilled a lifelong dream, becoming a Certified Rotorcraft Flight Instructor.

Annie also offers deep transformative processes as a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist at Northwest Hypnosis Center.  She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association of Hypnotist Professionals.  She conducts Past Life Regression sessions to help identify generational trauma imprints, and enjoys focusing on Pre-Life Planning© to integrate and resolve current life challenges.

She often combines astrology and hypnotherapy to laser focus issues and resolve them quickly and effectively.  Check out the Spiritual Entrepreneur Program

Annie moved to Seattle in 2015 and then north to Bellingham, WA, 20 minutes from the Canadian border.  She worships the rain, mist, mountains, water, forests and grey skies.  In her free time, she adventures in British Columbia.

Annie’s chart signatures

  • Pluto/Leo/2 Conjunct Haumea
  • South Node/Virgo/2 Conjunct Vesta
  • North Node/Pisces/8 Conjunct Ceres
  • Sun/Scorpio/5
  • Moon/Aries/10
  • Ascendant/Cancer
  • Mercury/Sag/5 trining Midheaven Conjunct Jupiter/Aries
  • Saturn/Libra/4 Conjunct Nadir
  • Saturn Conjunct Neptune/Libra/4
  • Nadir Conjunct Venus/Libra

My philosophy and approach is to reveal the root cause of issues and help you integrate solidly into your life experiences

Evolutionary Astrology provides profound insights into how your Soul has been maturing during many incarnations and is now fulfilling its intentions for this lifetime

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