About Annie Alexander

Connect With Your Soul Through Evolutionary Astrology

Annie Alexander - Evolutionary Astrologer

Annie has been connecting people with their Soul journey through Evolutionary Astrology since 2006.  She is also a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist and can integrate both astrology and hypnotherapy for powerful and transformative results.

My approach is to reveal the root cause of issues and help you integrate these experiences into your life

I have been studying astrology for over three decades.  It is an invaluable source of guidance I’ve been using since my 20s & 30s. 

I follow the pioneering and life-enhancing works of Jeffrey Wolf Green, and his second-generation students: Ari Moshe Wolfe, Laura Nalbandian, Patricia Walsh, Rose Marcus and Maurice Fernandez. 

I am a member of the Organization for Professional Astrologers, The Vancouver/Fraser Valley Astrological Guild in Vancouver, BC, Canada and the Washington State Astrological Association in Seattle, WA.

I became a Bioenergetic Analyst bodyworker after spending four years with Alexander Lowen, MD.  This integrative bodywork provided me with a deep understanding of how mind, body and spirit are interconnected and function to cope, protect and evolve.

After completing my Ph.D., in clinical psychology, I began working with trauma survivors, volunteering with the San Diego Police Department as a Psychologist and Reserve Officer. 

In 1985, I moved to Aspen, Colorado, opening Roaring Fork Mental Health and Training Institute to serve trauma offenders, survivors and the professionals who work with them.

In 1995, I moved my practice to Buddhist-inspired Boulder, Colorado and continued trauma work.

Now, I facilitate deep, transformative soul-level journeys as an astrologer and a Certified Hypnotherapist at Northwest Hypnosis Center

As a Certified Past Life Regression therapist and Pre-Life Planning© specialist (Life Between Lives), I help people to identify, integrate and resolve current life challenges by understanding their prior-life roots.

Combining both astrology and hypnotherapy is an extremely effective way to laser focus and resolve issues. 

With a background in organizational consulting, I also provide astrological services for entrepreneurs to help them navigate and master the business landscape. Check out the Spiritual Entrepreneur Program

I love living near the Canadian border of Washington State and revere the rain, mist, mountains, water, forests and grey skies. 

Annie’s chart signatures

  • Pluto/Leo/2 Conjunct Haumea
  • South Node/Virgo/2 Conjunct Vesta
  • North Node/Pisces/8 Conjunct Ceres
  • Sun/Scorpio/5
  • Moon/Aries/10
  • Mercury/Sag/5 trining Midheaven Conjunct Jupiter/Aries
  • Saturn/Libra/4 Conjunct Nadir
  • Saturn Conjunct Neptune/Libra/4
  • Venus/Libra Conjunct Nadir
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