• Evolution means...

    the changing of form, the changing of structure, the changing of energy, and the change of anything. The very word change implies evolution.

  • Evolution is...

    always preceeded by another natural law called involution.   Involution means the ending or destruction of something that pre-exists.

  • Evolution occurs after involution, which is when a

    pre-existing dynamic or condition becomes stagnant.  Involution is often life-changing and signals the end of a chapter.   This could be a relationship, a job, or even yourself, through re-invention or change.

The natural laws of evolution and involution have two ways of manifesting:

  • Progressive

    A slow, uniform process of change. Darwin called this the natural law of uniformity

  • Cataclysmic...

    refers to change which is intense and very abrupt

The Soul Correlates to Pluto

When people resist the need to grow according to their Soul program, their resistance is what causes cataclysmic events

Why do we resist growth?

The answer is rooted in an emotional issue: our need for security.
Security is a function of consistency with our past. For most people to feel secure, they need consistency.
Consistency comes from an extension of our past. Therefore, we tend to recreate our past

  • The Soul

    is the starting point for what we call religion and philosophy.  It is the human need to contemplate, within the desire to know where we come from and why we are here

  • The Soul’s contemplation or what we call self-reflection

    becomes the causative factor for beliefs, where beliefs are the result of the human pondering upon the origin of life itself

  • The Soul (Consciousness)

    exists as part of Creation.  It is the totality of consciousness and emanates from Creation or Source energy


Within all human souls, there exists two antithetical desires.

The evolution of the Soul is simply based on a progressive elimination of all separating desires, to the exclusion of only one desire that can remain: Return to Source or Creation

  • Desire 1

    One desire is to RETURN to that which is the origin of us, of all that is – Creation.

  • Desire 2

    The other desire is to SEPARATE from that which is Creation

The Ego is pure consciousness

and correlates astrologicaly to the Moon

  • The Ego

    serves as the vehicle through which the evolutionary intentions of the Soul occurs in any given lifetime

  • Personality

    is what we commonly think of when referring to the ego.  The personality allows us to observe ourselves, self-reflect and become self-aware

  • The Ego expresses...

    …“This is who I am”, “this is what I need”, “this is what I am feeling”, “this is what I am trying to learn”

  • The Astral Plane

    is a plane of existence that the Soul goes to in order to review the life that has just been lived, and to prepare for yet another birth on places like Earth.

  • The Astral Plane is

    home to the Soul itself, which  is now the focal point of consciousness.  For most people, lives in the material plane have become the ego instead of the Soul.  This is why the vast majority of people living, feel that they are ‘separate’ from everything else.   This apparent separateness causes tremendous perceived suffering.

  • The Memory

    of the ego is maintained in the Astral Plane.  It is necessary because it allows the Soul to not only review the life that has just been lived, but also serves as the basis for the next life to be lived.

    In each life, we pick up where we left off before.  Thus, this memory of the ego in each life serves as the causative factor of what type of egocentric structure the Soul needs to create in the next life.

This is astrologically symbolized by Pluto (the Soul)

and the South and North Nodes of the Moon

  • The South Node

    correlates to the Soul’s prior egocentric memories, which then determines the natal placement of the Moon in each life.  This becomes the current ego.

    It is often referred to as our past life orientation and our current life default or coping style because it points to that which is familiar.  What is most familiar, helps us to feel secure.  Too much security however, causes stagnation and blocks evolution.

  • The North Node

    correlates to the evolving ego of the Soul – the nature and types of inner and outer experiences that the Soul needs and desires, in order to facilitate it’s ongoing evolution.  The North Node will then constitute the “new” egocentric memories and images that the Soul will draw upon once the life has been lived and terminated at physical death.

    The North Node is a path forward in this life.  It’s the unfamiliar yet where we, by evolutionary necessity, are headed.