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Welcome To Your Life Purpose

Answers Through Astrology reveals your life purpose, path  and direction for your life’s mission!

“Why am I here?” – “What’s my purpose?” –  “What are my lessons?” “How can I align with my mission”?

Gain ultra clarity and confidence with Annie as your facilitator and guide.

Most present-day astrology is simply descriptive, providing keywords. Evolutionary Astrology reveals your life map and translates it for you so you can manifest what you want with greater ease.

WELCOME to your journey!

Annie Alexander - Evolutionary Astrologer
About Annie
Dr. Annie Alexander is the founder of Answers Through Astrology.  She began her journey as an Evolutionary Astrologer in 2006, focusing on the Soul’s evolution of consciousness.

Lack of clarity or uncertainty, is one of the biggest roadblocks to creating the life we want.

“I know because I’ve lived that old model. Once I got clear on my Life Purpose and deepest desires, I became clear, confident and empowered!”                                                                                                                                            -Annie Alexander

Knowing Your Life Purpose Can –

Help You ... Light Your Path Be Confident Become Empowered Understand Your Life’s Mission and Direction Make Clear Choices Enjoy Better Self-Esteem Manifest Your Potential Feel Validated Get Motivated Neutralize Fear Be More Creative Experience Peace of Mind Move Forward Connect The Dots Add Meaning To Your Life

Knowing Your Life Purpose Is Essential

Knowing your Life Purpose  is essential to helping you become more clear, confident and self-assured with every breath.

Evolutionary Astrology delves into the deeper complexities of your Soul’s desires and provides much more information than traditional astrology.

Over time, our coping mechanisms and security strategies become stagnant and we shut ourselves off from Life’s call for ongoing change.

Our Soul’s intent is always to “go with the flow”.  Our personality tends to resist this because we view change as insecure and uncertain. When our resistance is too great, the Soul initiates events to bring about the necessary change.

Knowing the role of the Soul helps alleviate stress and create a more positive mindset that helps us be accountable and move forward. Knowing your life purpose is essential to being clear and confident

A session with Annie highlights:

  • The purpose of this life
  • The reason for life to unfold a certain way
  • The lessons to learn in order to overcome obstacles
  • The evolutionary reasons we meet our partner
  • Vocational potential and direction
  • Guiding our children, care-taking for our parents
  • Physical well-being
  • Looking ahead: how to make the best use of the cycles to come