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Connect With Your Soul Through Evolutionary Astrology

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Live in Alignment with Your Soul’s Purpose

Discover Your Life Purpose, Your Karmic Blocks and Your Genius

  • Why am I here and what’s my purpose?

    Dive deeply into your Soul’s desires for this lifetime and improve your vision

  • Why do I have these challenges?

    Patterened challenges repeat themselves until elevated to a level of self-awareness, which delivers greater confidence

  • What are my Soul’s issues?

    What have I carried over from prior lives and what am I intending to do in this lifetime?

    Enhance your peace of mind

Annie Alexander - Evolutionary Astrologer
About Annie
  • Annie Alexander is the founder of  Answers Through Astrology
  • She began her journey as a trauma-specific psychotherapist, facilitating deep transformation for survivors of abuse
  • Annie has cultivated her strength as an old soul with depth, wisdom and compassion in service to helping others
  • In 2006, she disovered Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology and continues to pursue her understanding of the soul, serving as a journey facilitator, guide and interpreter.

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Knowing Your Life Purpose Can –

Help You ... Light Your Path Be Confident Become Empowered Understand Your Life’s Mission and Direction Make Clear Choices Enjoy Enhanced Self-Esteem Manifest Your Potential Feel Validated Get Motivated Eliminate Anxiety or Fear Be More Creative Experience Peace of Mind Move Forward Connect The Dots Deepen Meaningful Experiences

In Their Own Words…

Annie’s reading had so much depth and helped me start to identify my soul’s purpose.  I felt instantly comfortable with her approachable demeanor and confident in her ability to guide me on the path of answering some of my deeper life questions.

Wow! Annie provides experience in her astrological client work, and she has a true gift to offer.

… Annie answers questions in a way I can understand. I felt very empowered after Annie met with me and went over my chart. I would definitely recommend Annie to provide you with an astrological road map for your own self-knowledge.

I am grateful for the affirmative reading that you gave me to confirm this is where I’m supposed to be now — for the highest good for me and the world!

I found the  information very accurate and informative. Having these characteristics…brought to my attention from an outside source is very helpful in making me realize them more and want to take the steps toward focusing on them to develop self sufficiency and find my best self.

Thank you so much for the amazing astrology reading.  Your blend of technical understanding combined with your intuition, your wisdom from being a hypnotist and your talent and skill make you truly stand out.  My reading was spot on accurate and provided me a deeper understanding of who I am, what I am seeking, what might be in my way as well as a road map to guide me.  Thank you so much.  I highly recommend your services and will be gifting people gift certificates for readings from you.