Live Your Life Purpose

Your natal astrology chart holds the key to your purpose, path, personality, past lives and much more…

Did You Know…

  • Your soul chooses the complete set of circumstances to be born into in any given life

  • This includes the date, time, location, parents and cultural system

  • These conditions provide you with everything you need to evolve


  • Your personal identity

    What drives you?  How do you present yourself to others? Satisfying your basic needs/wants

  • What do you value?

    How do you manage your resources and sustain yourself?

  • How you think and communicate

    What’s your connection and communication style? How do you interact with others?

  • Your childhood

    What were your earliest emotional imprints, what are you carrying forward and how safe do you feel in the world?

  • Best ways to express the unique you

    How does your personality shine and are you living out a special mission?

  • How do you manage stress?

    How do you provide a service to the world, take care of yourself and self-improve?

  • Your relationships

    How do you connect with others?  What relationship patterns to do you carry?  Are you heard?

  • Your intimacy IQ

    Who do you trust, how vulnerable can you be and how deep can you go?

  • Your belief systems

    What do you believe about yourself and the world? Knowledge is a blend of learning & intuition

  • Your role in the world

    What are you recognized for?  What are you the master of?

  • Friends and groups that you enjoy

    How do you relate to those friends and groups and what are your contributions?

  • Karma

    What does it mean and can you change it?  How does your life come together?  How do you self-sabotage?

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Life Purpose…

  • Your birth chart is a rich blueprint of  your soul’s history, woven through lifetimes of incarnation
  • Understand your life in detail and broad strokes
  • Discover your karma and how to fulfill your life’s purpose and what holds you back