A reading from the perspective of Evolutionary Astrology can shed light on all domains of our lives, from the more existential to the most practical concerns.

We can address questions about:

  • The purpose of this life.
  • The reason for life to unfold a certain way.
  • The lessons to learn in order to overcome obstacles.
  • Relationship potential and dynamics – compatibility with romantic or business partners. The evolutionary reasons we meet our partner.
  • Vocational potential and direction.
  • Family and parenting: understanding and guiding our children, care-taking for our parents.
  • Mental and physical well-being – health sensitivities and preventive approaches.
  • Looking ahead: how to make the best use of the cycles to come.
  • An overview of the months and couple of years to come.
  • Timing for important events: signing contracts, weddings, moves, medical procedures, or any important process.

I look forward to connecting with you and lighting your path as you journey through this lifetime

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