What I can do for you

Life Purpose Readings

Get clear on your life purpose and path very quickly and easily.  Discover the path to your evolution and highlight your journey.  Eliminate uncertainty.

Access Your Life Manual

We all have a manual or blueprint for our lives.  Few very people know about it, but Evolutionary Astrology offers it to you in a step-by-step session designed to validate your experiences and reveal your innate talents.  Once you understand why you are here, your growth accelerates.

Are You On The Right Path?

Everyone want to maximize their potential and get in the flow.  Evolutionary Astrology is designed to help you see how far you’ve come and what direction your journey is going to take you.


We all have relationships and for many of us, this is our biggest challenge.  Let Annie highlight what your relationship themes are and what role they really play in your life.

Become empowered to use informed choice and free will to articulate the issues that challenge you so you can enjoy the kind of quality relationships you desire and maximize your potential for feeling happy and experiencing peace of mind.

Work-Career and Community Involvement

Dive deep into your passion as well as your contributions.  Learn how your passion can become your life’s work instead of an avocation. Align yourself with your best skills sets and make a difference for others.

Business Solutions

Want to develop a business? Are you an entrepreneur concerned about creating a stable infrastructure for long-term sustainability?  Is your current company ready to upscale?  Need to get a grip on your company’s vision, mission and marketing message?   Evolutionary Astrology (EA) provides all of these services.

With Annie’s background in business consulting and commitment to helping you succeed, adding Evolutionary Astrology to the formula creates a clear and concise pathway for you follow. Use of EA offers you a reliable pocket mentor for day-to-day business: whether you’re hiring, reorganizing, expanding, transitioning, launching or simply seeking to become more effective, efficient and viable.

EA profiles your company structure, culture, messaging, talent pool, products and management processes.  What better way to move forward in today’s uncertain climate than with a map of the territory and a guide to interpret the landscape!


Whoever said that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, didn’t know Evolutionary Astrology (EA). Once you realize how easily and quickly EA spells out your life purpose, path and direction, you’ll feel so relieved, confident and more empowered.

You’ll understand how the cycles of uncertainty you experience may actually be part of your natural growth process so you might be inclined to stop being so hard on yourself. EA will help you know that when life seems to go south, it’s usually because you’re in need of a break through.  It’s just that simple.  Wouldn’t it have been great to know this when you were in the midst of your struggles?

You should know…

Evolutionary Astrology is an amazing tool for you, your family, your friends and anyone you care about.  It’s also a fantastic business-in-the-box blueprint for any project you’re working on.

Imagine living life at more than the calculated 10% of our potential.  Imagine doubling or tripling your skills, knowledge and abilities with an instruction manual on what to do, how to do it and when. What could you achieve?  What do you want?  Who could you become?


The possibilities are endless because you are too…