What I can help you with

Life Purpose Readings

  • Get clear on your life purpose and path very quickly and easily
  • Discover your karmic patterns
  • Eliminate uncertainty

Access Your Life Manual

  • We all have a blueprint or operating manual for our lives, but very few people know about it
  • Evolutionary Astrology offers it to you in a step-by-step process designed to pinpoint why you are here and how to go about fulfilling your purpose
  • Once you understand why you are here, your self-awareness expands and growth accelerates
  • Discover if your tendency is to cooperate or resist with evolutionary imperatives!

Are You On The Right Path?

  • Everyone want to maximize their potential and be in the flow
  • Evolutionary Astrology is designed to help you understand how you have matured over many incarnations and how your current journey is unfolding


  • We all have relationships and for many of us, this is our biggest challenge
  • Let Evolutionary Astrology shine the spotlight on your relationship themes, challenges and strengths so you feel confidence to expand
  • Become empowered to use free will to make choices that neutralize your karma and maximize the potential for self acceptance and peace of mind

Work, Community Involvement and Synthesis

  • Dive deep into how you connect with others for the greater good
  • Learn how your soul desires to liberate itself from stagnant patterns
  • Align yourself with acts of service, self-improvement and self-healing
  • Dissolve old patterns and deepen your connection to the totality of what is

Business Solutions

  • Want to develop a business?
  • Are you an entrepreneur concerned about creating a stable infrastructure for long-term sustainability?
  • Is your current company ready to upscale?
  • Need to get clearer on your company’s vision, mission and marketing message?

Evolutionary Astrology (EA) provides you with an incredible degree of clarity for all the above and more!

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  • Whoever said that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, didn’t know Evolutionary Astrology (EA).
  • Once you realize how easily and quickly Evolutionary Astrology, clarifies your life purpose, path and direction, you’ll feel confident and more empowered
  • You’ll understand how the cycles of uncertainty you experience in your life are actually a part of your natural growth process.  Maybe you will beome less self-critical as a result.

Wouldn’t it have been great to know this when you were in the midst of your struggles?

Know that

  • Evolutionary Astrology is an amazing technology for you, your family, your friends, your business and anyone you care about
  • Imagine knowing and living your potential
  • Imagine enhancing your skills, knowledge and abilities with an instruction manual on what to do, how to do it and when

What might you achieve?  Who could you become?

The possibilities are endless because you are too…