Natal Chart Reading

Getting clear and confident in your life purpose will get you into alignment with your Soul’s mission!

When you know what you’ve come into this life to do (and to be, to become, to accomplish and to experience), your confidence quotient will soar!

Evolutionary Astrology takes you right to the epicenter of this knowing by revealing your life purpose.  This life purpose is what Evolutionary Astrologers call your Soul’s intentions.

When you discover your purpose, you can choose to align with your what your Soul wants in this lifetime.  This discovery unlocks clarity, confidence, and courage.

In each lifetime, the Soul (represented by Pluto in your natal chart), is the determinant for everything about you. It is the master architect of your genetic code.  It is the driving life force that created your personality or ego.  In Evolutionary Astrology, your Moon sign represents your ego.

The Soul creates everything in your life to promote growth. Whether your personality is organized and consistent, bright and shiny, chaotic and confused, shy and withdrawn or any other combination of possibilities, it is your Soul who designed it this way on purpose.

The Soul is responsible for determining the speed of your growth or evolution throughout each lifetime.  Your Soul is responsible for why you were born to the mother you were, why you have red hair and green eyes when everyone else in your family has olive-toned skin and dark eyes.  Your Soul is responsible for why you might feel like a fish out of water in your family or why you adore them.

Your Soul determines what your genetic makeup will be and why you are more connected to your brother than your sister.  Your Soul determines if you were born with a missing finger, toe or other condition that may become a challenge for you. Your Soul even determines if you will be part of a twin team because of the growth that will come from that situation.

Your Soul determines the moment of your birth, right down to the second because your birthtime represents the perfect configuration and alignment of planetary possibilities designed to maximize your continued growth.  For some, the challenges are many.  The greater the challenge, the greater the growth.

The Soul is the architect responsible for creating the way our minds process information, the way our bodies function and the beliefs that guide us.  Every single facet of our lives is set to a blueprint.  How we respond to the blueprint is a measure of both our personality and Soul.  Some Souls have been around longer and are wiser while others are still developing their skills.

Our Soul’s maturity level will guide how our personality responds to challenges.  Although we are fated to our blueprint in this lifetime, we do have free will.  How we use our free will is a function of how developed our Soul is or is not and how much the personality attempts to exercise control, based upon its own security needs.

Ultimately, the desired pairing is a partnership between Soul and Ego, a balance between desire and need, growth and resistance to growth, yin and yang.

When you’re ready to get clear about why you’re here, what your purpose is and how to make the best use of your resources and talents, then sit down with an Evolutionary Astrologer.  Be prepared to discover the many lifetimes your Soul has experienced and the choices that the personality or ego made throughout those lifetimes.  The astrologer is reading your story to you – the story of who you have become and why.

Once you tap into the who, what, why, when, and where of your life by understanding your life purpose and the choices you’ve made, you will feel a vibration within you.  That vibration is a knowing and some people call it feeling validated. It’s a feeling that provides inner feedback so you can determine if you’re on the right path at the right time for the right reasons.  This form of laser focus provides you with clarity, confidence, hope and solutions.

When you discover your purpose, an inner door cracks open and a light shines forth. This is a door to your raised consciousness. This awareness brings you insights that connect many old dots. Suddenly, you can see yourself.  In that instant, you catch a glimpse of what might be possible.

When that door opens, limiting conditions and false beliefs are challenged. You feel lighter, freer, clearer, confident, and more secure. Your needs, opinions, beliefs, and feelings become focused. This clarification is liberating, restructuring and transformative. You are ready to move forward with clarity and confidence!