Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

NOVEMBER 8, 2022

We are now experiencing an extremely powerful Taurus Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

In the United States this Taurus Full Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse is happening on Election Day, which adds to the intensity.

With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, it is like the Universe is asking us to maintain our calm (Taurus) amid Scorpio’s power and intensity.

This Scorpio Full Moon is conjunct (touching) the planet Uranus, making this a high voltage, exciting and electric Full Moon Eclipse

Uranus represents rebellion and peeling away the layers of conditioning – like ripping a scab off, OUCH! This happens because something needs liberation. It feels and looks like radical transformation, which can be quite unsettling!

During this Full Taurus Moon, and Sun in Scorpio, we’ll want to raise our awareness level so we can address the shadow sides of our personality that may tend toward power grabs, jealousy, manipulation, control, judgment, lies, secrets, or possessiveness.

We can define what we value and focus on that, rather than holding on to delusions for security’s sake. This may mean that we need to discard relationships that no longer serve us.

Security is a highly motivating need, whether it’s material security or ego security. When we have a need to maintain our personal security or image, we are bound to be defensive and not listen very well.

If we are willing to release no-longer-needed portions of ourselves because they represent an old story, then we can feel reborn, just like the Scorpionic Phoenix.

Venus (relationships, art, personal values, sustainability, and self-reliance) is now in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is about soul mate relationships – deep bonding and intimacy. What do you treasure and what is it worth to you?

Venus is now, also part of a “fixed” element T-Square (as a quality: think stubborn)
This includes the Sun, Mercury, and the South Node, which are all conjunct (touching) and sitting opposite a conjunction of Uranus, the Moon, and the North Node.

The planet Saturn in Aquarius is squaring (stress, friction) both groups. Whew!

Saturn is about integrity, respect, and accountability and it rules Capricorn.
Part of the massive changes seen during these last 2 years has been because Saturn (structure and status quo) has been squaring (stress/friction) Uranus (rebellion). Governments and groups have been under extreme stress to liberate from old patterns.

The Saturn/Uranus square has been activating this Fixed Square Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This Fixed T-Square can radically disrupt the status quo and it can happen suddenly, so expect the unexpected!

We also have an ongoing Cardinal (initiating) T-Square between Pluto (the Soul as well as the Soul of our nation), Eris in Aries (the warlike disrupter), and Pallas Athena/Black Moon Lilith (the feminine principles and matriarchy) in Cancer (emotional security)

Cardinal energy initiates or wants to create change, and it does so with urgency. The message here from this Cardinal T-Square is that women (the feminine principle), are tired of abuse. It’s time to change that.

With all these energies swirling and activating one another, this Taurus Full Moon is really about relationship shake ups. It feels disruptive as we review our finances, self-sustainability, and creative potential – to create or re-create that which we value.

The message is: no more secrets and no more manipulation. Be truthful. Do not distort the truth to serve an agenda. Allow the truth to be what it is, because it cannot be anything else.
Attempting to adjust the truth produces a backlash of pain.

This pain is only a human experience because the remainder of the living organisms on the planet move forward with change as needed.

The more that we walk in harmony with the truth = the less resistance. (Pain and suffering)
The less resistance = greater peace.

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