We Are Reshaping Society and Here’s What It Means for You

With Saturn in Aquarius for the first time in 27 years, there are hard lessons, accountability and tough love!

Saturn moved into air sign Aquarius on March 21, 2020. Saturn spends more than two years in a sign, and it takes him almost 30 years to complete a tour of all the signs. This is commonly known as the Saturn Return.

The last time Saturn was in Aquarius, was 1993.  When Saturn changes signs, we experience a major cultural shift and the beginning of a new, almost 3-year cycle. (March 21, 2020- March 7, 2023)

For all you Millennials preparing to turn 30 in the next year or two, this is YOUR first Saturn return – your big opportunity to step up into society, take the reins and set your footprint.  What will you accomplish?

Saturn is our official taskmaster. He is the boss at work, the teacher when you arrive late for class (again) and your father when you brought the car home with a little scratch.

Aquarius loves unique things. It loves being out on the leading edge with fuchsia-colored hair, nose rings and neck tattoos. Aquarius is not only the revolutionary, but it also prides itself on developing great solutions that benefit everyone.  Aquarius is our social conscience and the humanitarian in all of us. It champions the underdog.

When we put those two together, we get: “Let’s re-write the rules for society!”  Saturn in Aquarius wants to do something different.

Aquarius also rules technology and the last time Saturn was in this sign in the early 1990’s, the Internet came to life.  What happened when Saturn moved into Aquarius this past March? Everyone flocked to the Internet for Zoom!

Saturn also rules restrictions and limitations so, will Saturn limit our time on the Internet?  Could it become a fee-for-service system to protect the infrastructure?  With Saturn in Aquarius, we will find out.

We will likely see some cool medical advances during this time frame as well as progress in AI.

This is also a time for governments (Saturn) to refresh their agendas (Aquarius) and transcend polarization. This is a time for the world to come together. “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”

All these changes will be hard won because that is what Saturn demands: work, accountability, responsibility and putting forth the effort.  Saturn usually leaves a gift by the door when he is ready to leave and not before (March 2023).  You will need to put in your sweat equity before you reap the rewards. You may, however, see evidence of your efforts long before that.

This is the time to make sustainable and progressive change in our world as well as our personal lives. If you prefer to be a couch potato, that is up to you, but when Saturn arrives for dinner and you haven’t bothered to go grocery shopping, he will be very grumpy for a long time.  This can translate into obstacles and a bumpy ride for you until Saturn returns.  That will be in another 30 years!

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