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INSTABILITY PIVOTS TO NEW IDEALS (December 21) When Saturn (structure) and Pluto (transformation) joined up in early January of 2020, the consistency of our lives was disrupted. Soon, we will pivot again. The “Great Conjunction” of Saturn (structure) and Jupiter (expansion) at 0° Aquarius (the common good) on December 21 is the beginning of a […]

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The 13h Sun Sign

Is there really such a thing as a 13th Sun Sign in astrology? Western Astrologers have mostly used zodiac or Sun signs as an underpinning for predictions and interpretations. But when Ophiuchus came onto our radar in a 2016 NASA blog, everyone went crazy trying to figure out their “new” Sun sign. Ophiuchus is not […]

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“Yes, Drill Sergeant Sir!” It’s All About Mars Retrograde in Astrology

“September 9th – November 13th – Mars is on a retrograde journey through his home sign of Aries, from 28 degrees to 15 degrees. Mars represents our ability to act and we will all notice a change in how we act. Due to Mars’s war-like influence, our actions may not always be pleasant. Think, drill […]