New Moon in Capricorn

The first New Moon of 2022 is in the sign of Capricorn.

This New Moon is in a flowing aspect – a trine with the planet Uranus (community, humanity, we the people, outside the box thinking, sudden and unusual things, and insights etc.).

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Full Moon Aquarius Demands Growth

Today is Sunday, August 22, 2021.  It is a Blue Herron Full Moon as described by indigenous people.

The Full Moon is at 29 degrees Aquarius, which is the second full moon this month.  This full moon is relatively rare and thus, we have rare opportunities to contribute something special to the world around us.

Since Aquarius rules innovation, technology and the common good, what will your contribution to society be at this time?

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“September 9th – November 13th – Mars is on a retrograde journey through his home sign of Aries, from 28 degrees to 15 degrees.

Mars represents our ability to act and we will all notice a change in how we act. Due to Mars’s war-like influence, our actions may not always be pleasant. Think, drill sergeant rough!

Mars’ energetic signature is fiery, piercing, and stinging. On the positive side of Mars, acting can be extremely focused, but on the flip side, it can also be overly aggressive or even violent. Our inner warrior comes to light during this retrograde period.

There are two strong aspects with retrograde Mars in the remaining months of 2020 that deserve attention.The first of these is Mars in close proximity to Eris (at 24 degrees of Aries). Eris is now known as the Goddess of Discord so when she and Mars rub elbows, all kinds of non-harmonious or frictional energy is created.Eris has also been in tight square (more friction) with Saturn-Pluto (structural transformation). There were San Francisco fires that occurred during the few days surrounding the actual retrograde station (event) of Mars, on September 9th itself. Mars of course rules Aries and the Fire element. Retrograde Mars will contact Eris once again during the first weekend in October, when Pluto also stations to direct motion. (begins to go direct again).

A second powerful aspect, is the square (frictional) connection that happens the rest of the year between Mars (action) and Saturn (structures). These two planets make several exact mathematical aspects to each other – one is September 28th, and the final one, passing more quickly in January. The tension created by Saturn and Mars (retrograde) in a frictional connection, especially the end of September, when Saturn is also slowing its speed, is indeed a massive collision of energy.Saturn says “let’s slow down and be very calculated in our dealings; let’s preserve what we already have.” Mars says, “no way”. The resulting clash will likely forge our very being into some new shape.

Both Saturn (in Capricorn) and Mars (in Aries) are in signs that they rule, giving them the strength of titans on steroids. Saturn is going to go direct (stop moving backwards) and may be the stronger influence because whenever a planet moves forward instead of backward, it is stronger. Imagine running downhill forward rather than backward. You get the picture.

The last half of September may feel like being pinned up against a wall. We will need all the strength we can muster. Next, we have a Full Moon October 1st and it’s also in Aries. Do you get the picture? There is a ton of war-like energy surfacing now and for the next month to fuel us all into a frenzy. We may feel very inflamed. Mars/Aries rules inflammation and fevers. Get a handle on your responsiveness and work to ensure that it does not become reactivity.

To add another layer of “what next?”, Mercury will go retrograde October 13-November 3. Yup, you heard that correctly – right on Election Day. Mercury challenges all of us 3-4 times a year with respect to communication, transportation, electronics, and contracts.

Mars retrograde always brings the baggage of uncertainty with its hibernation (retrograde). This causes us to want to act out, but rather, we should be “acting inwardly” by thinking, preparing, planning, organizing, and marshaling our resources. Think: squirrels collecting nuts for the winter.This retrograde period will be a time for greater inner reflection. Exercise good self-care and think about areas of your life that are influenced by Mars. Plan safe and calm activities with responsible others. Act later, after the retrograde is complete in mid-November.

We will all have a lot to be thankful for when we sit down to celebrate the holidays if we take care to regulate our energy now, collect our reserves, plan accordingly, practice patience and consider a more mindful approach to daily living. If this does not sound very appealing to you as a lifestyle choice, consider making a short-term commitment until mid-November. With Saturn in the mix, discipline is being called for. We all know how well discipline can pay off, don’t we Forrest? “Yes, Drill Sergeant Sir!”

We Are Reshaping Society and Here’s What It Means for You

With Saturn in Aquarius for the first time in 27 years, there are hard lessons, accountability and tough love!

Saturn moved into air sign Aquarius on March 21, 2020. Saturn spends more than two years in a sign, and it takes him almost 30 years to complete a tour of all the signs. This is commonly known as the Saturn Return.

The last time Saturn was in Aquarius, was 1993.  When Saturn changes signs, we experience a major cultural shift and the beginning of a new, almost 3-year cycle. (March 21, 2020- March 7, 2023)

For all you Millennials preparing to turn 30 in the next year or two, this is YOUR first Saturn return – your big opportunity to step up into society, take the reins and set your footprint.  What will you accomplish?

Saturn is our official taskmaster. He is the boss at work, the teacher when you arrive late for class (again) and your father when you brought the car home with a little scratch.

Aquarius loves unique things. It loves being out on the leading edge with fuchsia-colored hair, nose rings and neck tattoos. Aquarius is not only the revolutionary, but it also prides itself on developing great solutions that benefit everyone.  Aquarius is our social conscience and the humanitarian in all of us. It champions the underdog.

When we put those two together, we get: “Let’s re-write the rules for society!”  Saturn in Aquarius wants to do something different.

Aquarius also rules technology and the last time Saturn was in this sign in the early 1990’s, the Internet came to life.  What happened when Saturn moved into Aquarius this past March? Everyone flocked to the Internet for Zoom!

Saturn also rules restrictions and limitations so, will Saturn limit our time on the Internet?  Could it become a fee-for-service system to protect the infrastructure?  With Saturn in Aquarius, we will find out.

We will likely see some cool medical advances during this time frame as well as progress in AI.

This is also a time for governments (Saturn) to refresh their agendas (Aquarius) and transcend polarization. This is a time for the world to come together. “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”

All these changes will be hard won because that is what Saturn demands: work, accountability, responsibility and putting forth the effort.  Saturn usually leaves a gift by the door when he is ready to leave and not before (March 2023).  You will need to put in your sweat equity before you reap the rewards. You may, however, see evidence of your efforts long before that.

This is the time to make sustainable and progressive change in our world as well as our personal lives. If you prefer to be a couch potato, that is up to you, but when Saturn arrives for dinner and you haven’t bothered to go grocery shopping, he will be very grumpy for a long time.  This can translate into obstacles and a bumpy ride for you until Saturn returns.  That will be in another 30 years!